We are fast, clear, unique & original designers of the women fashions. Our establishment happened in 2016. Started business operations in India’s business hub Mumbai with range of women fashions. Our primary focus is on Leggings, Palazzos , Jeggings, Workout pants, Joggers, Trousers & Capri. Our delivery centre is in Navi Mumbai with reach to all over India.
Founder & CEO

    ► Muhammad M N
    ► Rajesh R Ajamire


    ► Ashwini Gadbail

Founder Speech

    ► ‘Here is nothing more important in our company than Customer Happiness, Timely response, Commitment, Unique Designs, High Quality of Fabrics , Best Value for Money & Customer Support.’ – Rajesh R Ajamire
    ► ‘Our company is continuously getting appreciated for fast updates of design patterns and keeping edge in the competition of the fashion trends for women clothing.’ – Muhammad M N.


    ► Work for customer happiness. High value – Low cost for the customers.


    ► Fastest approach in -  new designs, response to customers, customer service.


    ► Be number 1 globally in retailing & wholesaling the unique designs with variety of women’s wear.
    ► Keep understanding the fashion needs of Indian women and girls. Be ahead in meeting fashion trends.
    ► Keep launching new, refreshing and unique designs.
    ► Be best value of the customer investment.
    ► Provide healthy employment and learning platform to the youths in Fashion Industries. 
    ► Bring a step ahead fashion designing infrastructures from around the world and make Maahera Designer Wear the centre of excellence in research and development of women’s fashion 
    ► Trust, originality, high value, low cost, value for customer time, customer happiness – Each seconds we keep practicing these attributes. 


    ► MDW foundation focuses on the development of underprivileged section of society. 

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